In the community for good

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Element Gym was founded in 2011 by professional boxer, Dalton Outlaw. He saw the need for a safe place for youth to come be a part of a supportive and health focused environment. What it has grown into is so much more.

Seeing that Element could be much more than a gym, Dalton began to target at-risk underprivileged, youth in disenfranchised communities throughout the Twin Cities.

Since its inception, Element has become a cornerstone of community. Best known for its boxing, Element has become a symbol for unity and exists now as the first and only co-working/collaborative Benefit Corporation gym in the world. What that means is that everyone participates in the gym’s growth. From its members, staff and personal trainers to the dedicated volunteers, everyone has a stake in this facility.  By being collaborative, we are able to continue to put people before profit. We pride ourselves on being the best for the world.

We now have extensive educational programming, philanthropy and scholarship opportunities. To learn more about the Element Foundation, visit


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